Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I learn Chinese with CC Chinese methodology?
    CC Chinese app will be available for IOS and Android. We have included the best features in our mobile app. You can learn, practice, and play with CC Chinese.
  • How can I use CC Chinese as a beginner?
    CC Chinese is the unique method of learning Mandarin Chinese. The CC Chinese app is fully adapted for beginners. You can learn more than 300 Chinese characters with our app that helps you achieve a conversational level. Please join our waitlist, and you will know first about our news!
  • What are the features of the CC Chinese app?
    You don't need to download ten different apps for learning Chinese! You will learn Chinese 12x faster with the logical and structured CC Chinese method in a fun and easy way. Using our app, you memorize characters with our animations, immerse in Chinese culture and language meanings, learn by comics, practice quizzes, games, and listening/speaking exercises. CC Chinese helps you with effective and quick learning saving your time, energy, and money. 😎

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